What do You really want in Life?

http://lauragogia.com/2016/05/why-embed-images-videos/ Have you ever asked yourself the deep questions to gain insight into who you are? What do you want from life? Are you artistic or are you an analyzer? Through our childhood and adolescence, we develop in order to get comfortable with adulthood. We hit the ground running with responsibilities and the evolving of ourselves. We work on our careers and our financial advancements while our souls’ needs are put on the backburner. It is often thought by spiritual leaders that we walk around with masks on. We are programmed to be someone that is accepted in society and often we are rewarded in return. If you are one of the fortunate ones who lives life in truth then you know the meaning of life. This is the highest reward you can ever hope for.

Ask Questions & Reflect

http://johnesocial.com/author/johnesocial/page/22/ It’s a journey to find out who you are and you may require guidance along the way. Once you begin to ask the questions though, a guide will appear for you. Doors begin to open and your path will be a seamless one. You may feel it in your gut if you’re in a relationship or a workplace that doesn’t suit your passions. All you really need to do in the beginning is listen to it. Ways you can help yourself on your path to discovery is through mediums like tarot cards. As you shuffle the cards, contemplate deeply on the questions you have. Meditation also serves as a powerful way to find the answers to who you really are. Use powerful crystal and gems that assist you such as clear quartz and amethyst. Their energy source can keep you grounded as you open up to the new possibilities that become available to you.

Listen to Your heart

cheap Topiramate Maybe you’re a boho child and you crave the sunshine and spreading your light to others. Maybe you’re a free spirit who needs to feel free to really flourish. You may even love to be an accountant, whatever it is that you love you should take that path. If you stand for nothing, you may potentially fall for things that don’t fulfill you. To know who you are and know what makes you happy will keep your spirit’s fire burning. Listen to your heart and manifest those desires to fruition. True happiness stems from being true to yourself. The first step is to ask the question to yourself, “what do I really want?” Your surroundings will begin to unfold and the answers will come.

Guest Post by Loraine – Thank you 🙂


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