Taking care of ourselves often takes dedication and mindfulness. It’s hard to walk away from the demands of life to nurture your soul. No matter how great your life is going, it is taking care of yourself and finding your joy that allows you to appreciate everything. A lot of women naturally put others in front of them. While it might make you feel good to be kind, there comes a point where you have nothing left to give. This can often cause a downward spiral to our spirits and is counterproductive to caring for others in the long run. Spoiling yourself from time to time allows you to fill your cup back up so it pours over with loving kindness. You recharge your batteries so you’re able to navigate through your life with vitality.


Seroquel mexico If you embrace the boho spirit, you probably love to be outside and in nature. You love the sunshine and adorning yourself with precious pieces that remind you of summer. Do your hair in romantic braids, incorporating flowers that remind you of your sweet self and warm evenings. Do what you can to find that gentleness in you so you never lose the beautiful kindness that makes you special. If it’s possible, the practice of taking care of ourselves should be done daily. It can be something so small but if it makes you feel good, then do it.

Nurture Your Soul

follow url Sometimes, it really is therapeutic to buy something for yourself. Something that allows you to nurture your soul and remind you that you’re special. Maybe some jewellery with stones that give you power or positive energy of some sort. Something of great beauty for you or maybe a scent that makes your heart happy. Clothes that define your spirit can bring out that part in you that is compassionate, relaxed and loving. Dig deeper into yourself with a spiritual practice such as tarot cards or therapy cards. Find a place of peace where you can contemplate all the things you love about life. Take time to relax and remember to be grateful about all the people and events around you.

Love Yourself

http://newdurhamlibrary.org/calendar/?date=2018-7-8 It may sound trivial but taking care of your looks especially when you don’t feel great can increase your feeling frequency. In this way, you show yourself self-love and self-worth. Sometimes, it’s a “fake it until you make it” kind of philosophy but you’ll be glad you kept the habit of self-care up. Adorn yourself with your favorite jewels, accessories and stones. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful. Stay true to yourself with your style to remind yourself of what a shining star you really are.

Live Life to the Fullest

Don’t let life run away on you with all the commitments in the world. Take time out for yourself to do the fun things you love. Embrace the wonderful spirit of you in whatever way you decide. Your soul will be alive and you’ll be the shining light for all of those around you. Never forget who you are, keep living life to the fullest and appreciate every rain drop and sunrise you experience.

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Guest Post by Jen – Thank you 🙂


Life in all of its splendour can be unpredictable, hectic and sometimes completely out of our control. It is up to each individual to deal with the adversities of life with compassion, patience and grace. Living life with a brave and open soul can be done in many different ways. Being mindful and patient with the process of life lessons that ebb and flow is a daily practise. Sometimes taking a moment to just take a deep breath in is all we need while some days it may take more. Practices such as yoga also deeply cleanse and awaken your spirit and just make you feel great overall.

Finding Peace in Meditation

Preserving our free spiritedness, confidence and love for life may be challenging at times. This is why it’s important to know and trust yourself with meditation being one of the best ways to achieve that. Finding the peace within yourself will allow you to continue on your path and keep your spirit alive. It keeps us gentle and accepting when life could potentially make us hard. The beautiful thing about meditation is we really can make it whatever we want with the core priority of keeping yourself centred. You can play gentle sounds in the background or even listen to guided meditation. Light candles and adorn yourself with gemstones that assist in your practices.  Many gemstones act as a means of relaxing you or protecting you while you sit in contemplation. Meditation should really be something you want to do because it makes you feel good. There shouldn’t be any struggle but more of a nurturing of your body, mind and soul. So use whatever props necessary to make meditation something you just can’t wait to do. Think of it as moments to spoil your soul.

Practicing Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga has countless benefits for both the mind and body. After a yoga session, we are relaxed in the mind and limber in the body. This creates a sense of mindfulness within us that we take throughout our day. As we breathe in cool air, we welcome positivity and oxygen to the muscles. We mindfully breathe out hot air and anything negative in our psyche. Our energy is restored and our beautiful inner selves shine. There is often a mixture of spirituality in the mix of yoga. It is non-competitive and although there is much support in the room from others, this journey of yoga is your own.

Discovering your inner boho child

With your body and mind being nurtured, it’s easy to keep your passion for life at an optimum. Part of any boho spirit is the need and want to create beauty in your life and then transfer it to everyone you meet. It’s important to feed the soul with nurturing moments every day. When you’re good to yourself, your cup flows over with energy and positivity. This gives you the opportunity to help others around you. Being good to your body with activities like yoga as well as to your mind with meditation allows you to be who you are. You’ll never lose your child-like perspectives on life.

Guest post by Jen – thank you 🙂


Before you begin any routine involving meditation and crystal healing, it is important to understand the basis of this technique. The idea of crystal healing using chakra meditation and other eastern techniques is founded in the theory of the 7 chakras and how they work together in the body.
There are 7 Chakras which work as energy centres in your body which energy flows through. Energy must flow freely through each channel or chakra in order to avoid illness. All 7 chakras are equally important in their own way, and each controls a specific function which is essential to a unique body system. If any of the chakras are blocked, this can inhibit health and impede energy flow. This can affect both the physical and emotional components of a person’s health and well-being. Therefore, it is important to keep the chakras working correctly through all areas. Understanding the 7 chakras is the key to beginning to heal yourself through chakra meditation and crystal healing.

The Seven Different Chakras


The Root Chakra is the base chakra which helps us feel grounded. it is located at the base of the spine in the tailbone area and affects survival issues involving food, money, and financial independence. Keeping the root chakra energy flow going improves one’s sense of stability, helps them achieve new levels of financial freedom and growth, and keeps them feeling confident about their future.


The second chakra is located in the lower abdomen, about 2 inches above the navel. It controls our feeling of well-being, pleasure, sexuality, and a sense of abundance. If this part of your chakra does not flow freely, these areas of your life may suffer.


One of the most important of the 7 chakras is the solar plexus. This is because is controls our ability to be confident in our abilities and to control our lives. It is located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area. People who have a problem with their solar plexus chakra may feel depressed or lack confidence in their ability to move forward in their lives. They may seek pleasure or fulfillment but come up empty because they are looking in all of the wrong places. They may lack energy to pursue a passion they once found interesting due to problems in this area. They may also be fearful of the future.


As you might guess, the heart chakra is the area involving our emotions and one’s ability to love. This area is located in the centre of the chest, just above the heart. This chakra controls emotional issues such as love, joy, and inner peace. In essence, it controls our level of happiness.


The throat chakra is located in the throat and controls energies involving the art of communication, self-expression of feelings, and the truth. If energy is impeded in the throat chakra, you may not communicate the things you want in a way that is understood, or messages may be distorted or misunderstood. You may have trouble expressing your feelings and being straightforward with someone.


The third eye controls our ability to focus on reality and to see the big picture. It is located between the eyes (also known as the “brow chakra). It controls such important emotional issues such as: intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions. If you have a problem in this area, you may find your judgment is impeded or you may not be able to grasp the reality of a situation or see the birdseye view of a problem.


The very top of the head is the location of this final chakra, known as the crown chakra. It controls your ability to feel connected to the universe, the world, and to others on a spiritual level and is the centre of one’s spirituality. In addition, it is believed to be the control centre of one’s inner and outer beauty and our connection to spirituality and bliss.


Not only is it important to understand what the specific chakras control, but it should also be understood how they relate to each other. For example, the throat chakra controls self-expression. But if the solar plexus chakra is not flowing as it should, you may still lack the confidence to express yourself, even if you have the physical and mental capacity to do so. Therefore, keeping all of the chakras working in unison, as well as independently, is important to the overall health and well-being of a person.


Using the gemstone spiritual technique with a combination of meditation and relaxation techniques can free up the impeded nerve flow, so that it is restored to its former state of wellness. It is important for one to reflect on their life, as we are all spiritual beings, with a need to realize our true potential and oneness with the universe. Using the age-old art of crystal healing, chakra mediation, and gemstone spiritual techniques, you can free the impeded nerves and restore the natural sense of wellness and balance to your body and your mind.
By freeing the barriers that block your way, there is nothing you can’t do and it all starts with the art of chakra meditation and healing. In future blog posts, we will be exploring each chakra in much more detail and how you can maximize the healing process through chakra mediation and crystal healing.
Remember that wellness is a state of mind and it all starts with the 7 chakras and their relation to holistic health and well-being. This is not a new art and has been around for centuries. But if you are just learning about it, it is never too late to start!

Guest Post by Jen – thank you 🙂

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that, while these methods have helped a lot of people, chakra meditation and crystal healing are no substitute for actual medical treatment and advice and you should seek the advice of a physician if you feel you have a problem in these areas.