buy Misoprostol next day delivery Guided meditation is a little bit like having your hand held, it’s helpful for those who are new at meditation or have some intimidating emotions that need to be addressed. You can attend a live guided meditation or listen to a recorded version. The range is vast as any form of meditation can be voice guided. With a gentle voice, guided meditations assist you in relaxing through breathing and often involve visualisation. Guided imagery is one of the common practices where you are lead to think and visualise about certain images, states of mind or affirmations. These meditations often include seeing yourself as relaxed, confidence and in the place you want to be. You experience real feelings of happiness as though what you’ve visualized is real. This can be a powerful manifesting tool for obtaining what you want in your life. Within guided meditation, there is space for healing, self-improvement on all levels, practicing forgiveness of yourself and other and simply learning to relax. Chakra meditation allows you to bring the higher states of consciousness, allowing a heightened sense of spirituality. There is also body focused guided meditation that ask you to focus on your breathing and your body.

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Guided Meditation For Everyone

Here are a few steps to take for guided meditation.

  1. Ask yourself what needs work within you at the moment. Maybe you’re tired and need to get a good night sleep. Perhaps you have a lot of stress and need to relax. If you feel afraid, there are guided meditations that assist you in feeling protected.
  2. Once you know what it is you need guidance on, find a teacher in your area that meets your needs. Alternatively, you can go online and search for guided meditation. There are many videos with good standing online.
  3. Find your sacred spot, lights some candles and get relaxed.
  4. Listen and follow your guide.

Whatever is happening in your life can be addressed and soothed through various forms of guided meditation. It is an invaluable tool in creating health and well-being while bringing forth your personal and spiritual growth. It is especially important to use this practice when you are having a hard time controlling your mind. Having a voice in the background that guides you through keeps you focused. It’s effects can bring forth new ways of thinking and bring sensations of true peace within.


Wouldn’t you want to live in a world where everyone and everything is at peace? Where everyone is kind to each other and brings a smile to your face? Where people don’t take advantage of other people’s weaknesses but instead help them out? Yes, this is a long shot but we can and have to start today! If everyone just focuses on being a bit kinder, a never ending flow of kindness and positive energy will flow through the universe. And it is very simple and really doesn’t take much effort from each and every one of us. To the contrary, being kind and helping someone else, does make us feel better to 🙂 Below are 5 ways that will get the kindness flow in motion!

5 Ways to Spread Kindness & Good Vibes

1. Show gratitude. Also for the things that you take for granted.

Say thank you if someone does something for you, show your gratitude. Show how you appreciate what was done for you. Assuming a friend always picks you up to go to work/school/wherever together and this has turned to ‘normal’. Next time he or she picks you up, show your gratitude. Say thank you and don’t take it for granted. It will make your friend and yourself feel better. On top of showing gratitude to others, be grateful for the things you have. Are you well fed, healthy, have a home and caring family and friends – lucky you. Not everyone enjoys this privilege. Just think about how many things there are in this world and in your life that you should be happy about. Next time you are awake in the early morning because you can’t sleep, listen to the birds, be grateful for hearing them. Be grateful for this moment. Be grateful for being alive.

If you are grateful for little things, your whole mood and charisma will make you automatically be kinder to others.

2. Stop being judgemental.

Live your life the way you want. But also accept others living their life the way they want. Just because someone does or says something that you don’t agree with (apart from obviously ‘wrong’ things that are harming others), wears an outfit you don’t like, has pink hair, just listen to your thoughts. Are you judging this person? Why? Do you think your way of life is ‘better’? Get rid of that attitude as this really doesn’t spread good vibes at all. Just think of everyone being alike and behaving the same way, saying the same things – wouldn’t this be the most boring thing ever?

Also try to understand the bigger picture. You never know why someone behaves, reacts or speaks the way he or she does. This brings us to the next point. Put yourself into the other person’s shoes.

3. Show empathy and put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Sometimes just trying to understand the other person makes the difference. Assuming someone has had a night without much sleep, a stressful morning and is in a bad mood. Wouldn’t an honest compliment make this person feel so much better? Or a smile? Or just any nice little gesture? Think about it, if this person’s bad mood is continued, there is a high chance that this bad mood defines his or her day as well as the days of the people he or she deals with during the day. A flow of people with bad moods will be set off. Just lighten up someone’s day can therefore really make a positive difference and start a flow of kindness or at least stop a potential flood of moody people..

4. Give an honest compliment.

We are not referring to fake compliments just to get you somewhere. No, we are referring to an honest, self-less, compliment. This can be about anything, even minor things. E.g. if one of your friends makes lovely carrot cake, tell her! Does someone have a beautifully disarming smile, amazing hair, can paint like an artist? Let them know! You can even give compliments to strangers. You will surely lighten up their day with this as they most likely did not expect a compliment by someone they don’t know. Think about the person in point 4. Wouldn’t he or she have appreciated something nice to break out of the bad mood? Just make sure you give an honest compliment 🙂

5. Go with the flow.

And most importantly, if someone has shown kindness to you, don’t stop the flow! Immediately spread this kindness further and lighten up someone else’s mood.


Practicing mindfulness is a constant learning curve. We all need a reminder now and then to see how important it is to take a step back and become aware of the present moment again. Here a little dose of mindfulness for today to get you back on the right track 🙂

A Bit of Mindfulness For Today

If you only focus on what isn’t in your life, you will always be lacking something, be it position, love, money, or enlightenment. Let life happen as it happens. Go with it and focus on the fullness of each moment. Let go. Look around you and appreciate the beauty around you. Nothing is just black or white. Everything just ‘is’. Acceptance, appreciation and gratefulness will help you gain your inner balance.

How many times have you travelled somewhere without remember travelling the last few miles. How many times have you eaten a meal without tasting a single bite? How many times have you spoken to your loved ones without appreciation how blessed you are? How many times have you realised that you are ‘existing’ through an experience but not really living and experiencing it?Without focusing on the moment, life passes by in a blur. Discover the world around you. Step out of your comfort zone. Do the trip you always wanted to do. Call that old friend from high school. Remember your forgotten dreams and go and chase them!
Don’t be distracted from living life to the fullest by the intensity of your everyday life. There will always be bills to pay, errands to run, problems to face.
If you only could be somewhere else now, doing something else – being somewhere where you can be free… You are free. You are free in this very moment, doing exactly what you are doing. It is all in your mind. The only Zen you will gain through any meditation is the Zen that is already within you. Meditation is just a means to ‘unlock’ it. It’s all in your mind. Try to find your inner balance in every single moment of you life.

‘Oh no, Monday morning again…’

Is that what you are thinking? I do understand it, no worries 🙂 But before you have your first (or at least before your second) cup of coffee, take 3 minutes to reflect on your life.

Monday’s Motivational Find

Recently I came across this motivational video on Youtube that I wanted to share with you. It’s about coffee. Well, not really, it’s actually about life 🙂

Take a few minutes today to watch it – it doesn’t take long and it’s really inspirational. The video invites to take a step back and think about how you perceive things in your own life!

Don’t forget to dance your dance. There is a part of life that demands we work hard. It’s essential to put some work in towards the things you want from life. More importantly is to enjoy the journey. Take the time to care for yourself and nurture your soul in the midst of duty. Smell the flowers, feel the sunshine on your face. Do whatever it is that brings you joy and reminds you of who you really are. Make sure to smile as much as possible, even better, laugh. Laugh as much as possible. The work part of life will be much more enjoyable when your dance is that of joy, freedom and happiness.