Introduction to the 7 Different Chakras: The Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra (ake Sahasrara) Element-Inner Light

enter site Crown Chakra Affirmation: “I trust my inner knowing to guide me through life. All people in my life are here to teach me something about myself, so that I can grow. I trust that everything happens for a reason and that what I do makes a difference. I am balanced between Heaven and Earth and all areas of my life are in balance too.”

Tastylia Portugal The crown chakra is the last chakra of seven and is based on the top of your head. Sahasrara represents the 1000 petals in the crown chakra symbol. In numerology, 1000 equates to 1, a number that represent strength in leadership and will power. The crown chakra is associated with our brain and nervous system. The crown chakra is our connection to our soul and all things spiritual.

A disconnection from the crown chakra has a strong influence on your feeling of belonging. You can feel like you are stuck in a shell, completely alone in the world. A balanced crown chakra creates deep empathy for those around you. You feel people around you in positive ways, feeling connected to every living being. A connection to our chakras allows us to let go of ego as we follow our inner guide instead. This gives us an overall sense of peace and harmony within ourselves.

Your heart is more gentle and you are filled with grace as you feel the energy source of the universe. You will naturally attract people into your life and experience miracles that make you believe further in the magic of life. Your mind becomes expanded to every possibility and doors open for you that were once closed. The power within the crown chakra is what gives us a life of divinity or not. Violet and white are the colours associated with the crown chakra so incorporate them into your life with clothes, candles and crystals. Clear quartz, Amethyst and violet Kanite are powerful crystals for this chakra and assist in meditation practises that open the crown. Best foods to nurture the chakra are those grown in nature and bathed in sunlight such as dried dates or sun dried tomatoes. Drink plenty of water for a gentle detox.

How to Exercise Your Crown Chakra

Try this exercise to open your crown chakra. Before attempting this exercise, you should open your root chakra to keep you grounded:

1) Sit cross-legged and lay your hand in front of your stomach. Allow your little fingers to point touch and point away from you. The rest of the fingers should be crossed with the left thumb under the right thumb.

2) Focus on the top of your head where the crown chakra is located.

3) In your mind, chant “NG” for 5 – 10 minutes while staying relaxed and focusing on the top of your head.

The crown chakra is your connection to beautiful truths and an inner spiritual wisdom. The knowledge that is within you can become activated when the seventh chakra is open. There is a deeper knowing in you that is aching to be present. Unlocking your inner potential means nurturing the crown chakra. You’ll find understanding and knowing, making life peaceful and serene for you.

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