Introduction to the 7 Chakras: The Heart Chakra

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Heart Chakra Affirmation: “Love is the answer to everything. I am an infinite being full of Divine Love, which I give freely and openly accept from others!”

The heart chakra is the spring within us that feels love, compassion and joy. The heart chakra allows you to have deep connections with others and allow you to care about others. If your heart chakra is open and cleansed, you naturally love yourself and are generous with your emotions. This chakra is what makes you feel whole and allows for true bliss to occur in your life. Known to the sajes, love is the most powerful healing force and so the heart chakra is considered our “healing centre.”

The energy surrounding the heart chakra helps us to see that we are a part of the world and fully connected. When you have this knowledge and belief within you, so many of your fears flow away from you. The way of the heart is a term that explains how living your life from the heart chakra energy brings you deep truths. You live with loving kindness towards yourself and others, experiencing a deep peace. When you live from this energy, you are no longer afraid, you feel completely safe and protected. This energy is so powerful that it touches people around you. They feel your warmth and love without a word spoken, they feel safe with you.

If you’re feeling shy or not open to the world with a sense of loneliness, these are signs the heart chakra is closed. You may also feel little empathy in times that you should which could indicate you’re using your head more than your heart. An overactive heart chakra often means you’re lead by negative emotions like greed, sadness and grief. An underactive heart chakra may lead you to feel like the world is against you which in turn becomes manifested by your deep beliefs. This chakra is essential to your feeling of well being for yourself and the world. Nurturing your heart chakra means filling your life with the color green whenever possible. Picture the color green in the centre of your chest when you practice yoga or meditation. Having candles, plants and pictures that incorporate green that we see in nature eases and balances the heart. Foods that help nurture both the body and soul include green vegetables like broccoli and lettuce. Crystals that are best in healing and cleansing the heart chakra include Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Green Tourmaline, Malachite and Emeralds.

An exercise you can use to help open, heal and cleanse your heart chakra is being outside. Listen to the breeze, lay in the grass and watch the clouds move. Being near anything green in nature is deeply healing for the heart.

While all the chakras are essential to our well being, the heart chakra could be said to be the most important. Love is the force of our true self and the way we can be most in touch with every piece of positive energy. To be open to all forms of love reaches the deepest part of ourselves and allows everything in us to connect and feel joy.


Guest Post by Jenny. 


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