If you read just one quote today, read this one

This is so important that we should take some time today or tomorrow to really think about it. Are we living the life we want to live? Are we happy? I mean, are we truly happy? Are we living in the present? Or are we busy being worried about the future, regretting the past? Are we so busy planning our future that we just exist but not live today? Or have we turned into the “gonna” people? Yes, I am gonna take months off to travel the world, once the right time has come, once the kids are out, when I am retired… Likely this will never happen. Swap this travel dream for another one, everyone has dreams. Dreams are there to be chased after, not just to be there. You are the architect of your own life. You design your life. You ALWAYS have a choice.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it by living someone else’s life.

What are your dreams? Are you chasing after them? Are they slowly fading away and being replaced by the sole existence of a “conforming” version of yourself? You are a wonderful being of light.  Be free.   Shine.   Enjoy.   Live.    Travel.    Explore.   Just be happy.   But be truly happy ♥

Photo credit: Thank you, Brooke, for this beautiful reminder.



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  1. December 25, 2016 / 1:55 pm

    A simple and inlletigent point, well made. Thanks!

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