Feeling Stressed Out? Are You Getting Enough Sleep?


order robaxin online Are you feeling stressed out and not quite like yourself? Are you often overwhelmed with your daily tasks and drained of your energy and motivation?

Quetiapine online purchase Chances are you are just not getting a sufficient amount of sleep. How many hours of sleep do you get per night? If you often only sleep between 5 and 6 hours per night, your mood, productivity and concentration capabilities will be immensely affected. If you sleep too little for just a few consecutive nights you will be less able to form clear thoughts and your mood will go downhill. You might even feel depressed and, depending on how prone you are to anxiety issues, they may get much worse.

Think about it, how can you be your happy self full of motivation and energy if you don’t give your body and mind sufficient time to relax and to unwind? A car doesn’t run either without fuel, does it? Our fuel is not only water and food but also sleep and downtime.

I generally try to sleep at least 8 hours per night. If I sleep less than this for few nights, I will already notice a change in my mood and motivation. Last week for instance I slept around 5 hours per night for three or four nights in a row and was constantly in a bad mood, had no patience and couldn’t focus well. Not a happy state at all! Then I decided to go to bed one night very early and slept for 9 hours straight without interruption! The next morning I felt like a newborn! The saying ‘Rise & Shine’ got a whole new meaning for me that morning 🙂

So, take this weekend and try to sleep one night for 8 or 9 hours without any disturbances. Go to bed early, use ear plugs, switch off your phone and SLEEP like a baby! The next morning you will be able to wake up early and feel ready to conquer the world!




  1. February 19, 2017 / 2:56 am

    For the last ten to fifteen years, I don’t remember a time that I have slept well without taking something to help me fall asleep. Even when I take something, I am often awake at 3 a.m. and find my thoughts start to cycle. I usually get up for a few hours and then return to bed and sleep in later in the morning. It drives me crazy, but I have started meditating at night in order to help me switch off the thoughts.

  2. February 17, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    Hey, thanks for this. I don’t think I’m getting great sleep. I recently tried ear plugs (suggested to me by a friend), but oh man it was rough. One of the worst sleeps I’ve had, I felt so disoriented and my ears were hurting. I shall try some of the other things you mentioned.

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