Misoprostol online The Heart Chakra aka Anahata


Heart Chakra Affirmation: “Love is the answer to everything. I am an infinite being full of Divine Love, which I give freely and openly accept from others!”

The heart chakra is the spring within us that feels love, compassion and joy. The heart chakra allows you to have deep connections with others and allow you to care about others. If your heart chakra is open and cleansed, you naturally love yourself and are generous with your emotions. This chakra is what makes you feel whole and allows for true bliss to occur in your life. Known to the sajes, love is the most powerful healing force and so the heart chakra is considered our “healing centre.”

The energy surrounding the heart chakra helps us to see that we are a part of the world and fully connected. When you have this knowledge and belief within you, so many of your fears flow away from you. The way of the heart is a term that explains how living your life from the heart chakra energy brings you deep truths. You live with loving kindness towards yourself and others, experiencing a deep peace. When you live from this energy, you are no longer afraid, you feel completely safe and protected. This energy is so powerful that it touches people around you. They feel your warmth and love without a word spoken, they feel safe with you.

If you’re feeling shy or not open to the world with a sense of loneliness, these are signs the heart chakra is closed. You may also feel little empathy in times that you should which could indicate you’re using your head more than your heart. An overactive heart chakra often means you’re lead by negative emotions like greed, sadness and grief. An underactive heart chakra may lead you to feel like the world is against you which in turn becomes manifested by your deep beliefs. This chakra is essential to your feeling of well being for yourself and the world. Nurturing your heart chakra means filling your life with the color green whenever possible. Picture the color green in the centre of your chest when you practice yoga or meditation. Having candles, plants and pictures that incorporate green that we see in nature eases and balances the heart. Foods that help nurture both the body and soul include green vegetables like broccoli and lettuce. Crystals that are best in healing and cleansing the heart chakra include Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Green Tourmaline, Malachite and Emeralds.

An exercise you can use to help open, heal and cleanse your heart chakra is being outside. Listen to the breeze, lay in the grass and watch the clouds move. Being near anything green in nature is deeply healing for the heart.

While all the chakras are essential to our well being, the heart chakra could be said to be the most important. Love is the force of our true self and the way we can be most in touch with every piece of positive energy. To be open to all forms of love reaches the deepest part of ourselves and allows everything in us to connect and feel joy.


Guest Post by Jenny. 


Please introduce yourself 🙂

My name is Tamara Bavdek, I have a bachelors degree in Industrial Design. I’m passionate about dogs, surfing and all aspects of design and fashion from the artisan to the photography. I founded This Ilk in late 2008. I have travelled the world quite a bit as well…

What do you love about making jewellery and how did you discover your passion?

In fact as a child I wanted to be an inventor. I have an interest in art and sciences and always wanted to explore both which brought me to design school. I have always been a jewellery lover, I would always bring jewelry back from my travels as souvenirs and have always looked for the most original, interestingly handcrafted and well thought out pieces. I think the jewellery line however was more of a means to create something I could autonomously and relatively quickly complete with satisfying results. It came from the urge to create beauty and bring ideas in this case the application of lace as accessory into reality.

How did you venture into jewellery making?

It all started with a short boyish hair cut, a reaction to some needed change in my life at that moment, which required some large earrings to feminize my look. I looked curiously to Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s muse for inspiration. She wore a large pair of black earrings I fell in love with and wanted to replicate in size and shape. I found a bit of vintage lace that resembled the shape the most and sought out ways to stiffen and turn into earrings. The result was large lightweight earrings my friends encouraged me to market. The rest is history…

How would you describe your style?

I have a summer and winter look that overlap a bit. A mix of gypsy-esque with some modern more architectural shapes in winter. In Summer, I wear a lot of white and always pretend I’m by the beach. I seem to always have a touch of exotic vibes that come from the cloths I collect throughout my travels that mixes with the local designers pieces I purchase from friends or at local events…

What’s the inspiration for your designs?

There’s a touch of retro 60’s and 70’s mixed with modern design and architecture as well as world artisan inspirations. Somehow the jewelry seems to always have an Art-deco hint to it.

How do you make your jewellery and where do you source your materials?

I have many many sources of materials. It’s what helps keep it appart from the rest but it’s a lot of work keeping inventory and organized and in stock. I use a lot of vintage lace that was produced in the New York area not too far from me in Montreal as well as vintage metal parts from the Toronto area. The rest are bits from here and there some old shops in Montreal as well as suppliers in Europe and Asia. Every pieces has a different way of being made but in general, there is a delicate cutting process, hand dyeing, treating against fraying, stiffening and assembling in various ways.

What’s a typical day in your studio?

These days I tend to be doing more computer work as I have 2 lovely ladies helping with production and shop management. Lets just say everyday, there is a bit of emailing, organizing shop and customer orders, making jewellery, packaging and posting it.

How can people buy your jewels?

The largest selection is online at THIS ILK or through etsy. We also have our list of stockists on the website thisilk.com

What’s your favourite quote?

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.


Thanks, Tamara 🙂 


How Transcendental Meditation Can Provide Balance Regardless of How Busy Your Schedule

How Transcendental Meditation Can Provide Balance Regardless of How Busy Your Schedule

Many of us face an overwhelming list of tasks we need to fulfill on a daily basis. From dealing with stress to being unproductive, there are a number of strategies that we can all subscribe to. However, none of them are arguably as effective as Transcendental Meditation (TM). While skeptics may be quick to point out that this practice should be reserved for hippies back in the 60s, transcendental meditation has undeniable merits.

These three prominent public figures attest to the fact just how TM can truly contribute to self-improvement in so many ways.

http://phoenix-dancing.com/yallah/ Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is one of the busiest women on the planet. During her long and illustrious career she established one of the biggest digital media companies in the Huffington Post, and has now become a champion of health and wellness. Huffington has credited TM for her success, and argued that meditating should be a key part of life: “there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between performance and actually tapping into strength and wisdom within.” To prove her point she created a special meditation room at the Huffington Post and invited Bob Roth, the Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation to teach the news outlet’s editors.

follow link Tom Brady

Professional athletes put their bodies to the test on a consistent basis. Staying on point is an essential part of the job and they can’t afford to be sidelined, even with a grueling schedule to deal with. For an athlete who made a career in a full-contact sport, it seems that TM is more than just something Brady uses to help him strike a balance in his life. According to a Feel Guide report, Brady utilizes TM to not only stay physically fit and emotionally stable, but also spiritually refreshed. It is that sense of stability that makes him maintain his top-notch performance even at the age of 40.

Hugh Jackman

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman is one of TM’s loudest champions, and has said that he is able to consistently and effectively do his job as an actor because of TM. Aside from taking on a crazy production schedule that requires commitment and tons of effort, an actor’s job is to immerse themselves in feelings and mindsets that are not necessarily their own – they find themselves attached to personas that at times can stick with them for long periods of time. It is through TM that Jackman has unlocked not only how to do a better job of being an actor, but also have a sturdier grip of sense of self. In an interview with Oprah he said: “You cannot really move forward as an actor until you understand who you are as a person, and understand yourself…. And certainly I find that, through meditation, [my personal authenticity] has increased for sure.”

Last year’s Logan was not only a huge milestone for Jackman, but also the superhero genre. When the first X-men film was released in 2000, the superhero genre was still considered a niche market in the industry. X-men was the first modern superhero film to show that these films could be successful outside of Batman and Superman. The key component for the film’s success was Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. The success of the first film started the ball rolling for what has now become the film industry’s most successful genre. From being a niche market, the genre has expanded and can be found on all entertainment platforms whether it is film, TV, or online gaming. Digital games outlet Slingo not only has games inspired by superheroes, The Dark Joker Rizes (Batman) and Thunderstruck (Thor), but also an officially licensed game through Hellboy. The fact that commercial gaming companies are now actively seeking superhero style games is largely down to the first X-men, Jackman’s performance, and the success that followed.

TM is about taking control of your life. The above three profiles demonstrate how those individuals not only managed to enrich their life through meditation, but also became very successful. If you are looking start learning about the benefits of meditation, here at Boho Flower you can find many articles with lots of information you might find useful.



OuiClementine Boho Jewellery

Please introduce yourself  🙂

Irene, 25-year-old, photographer by training and artisan by vocation, I combine daily two of the things that fascinate me the most.

I live in Barcelona, although my roots are in La Garrotxa (Girona, North Spain) and my mind is still between these two very different and special places. Every day I remember the mountains I saw from my window and the sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees. Music, the forest and chocolate are some of the things that I am grateful to life.

What do you love about making jewellery and how did you discover your passion?

I love being able to create unique and unrepeatable pieces. It is very nice to create a unique thing for a particular person. The creation process is very personalized and I also have to emphatize with my client. For me it is the best experiences in this job.

I learned a bit of macrame during a trip to India. It seemed like a very relaxing activity (we could say active meditation) and little by little it was becoming more than a passion.

How did you venture into jewellery making?

All this began in India. Five months after traveling, I discovered that I wanted to create macrame jewelry, and make an emphasis in an unhurried creation process. Create and connect with people in a different way.

How would you describe your style?

OuiClementine is handmade macrame jewelry with natural materials: mixing healing with beauty so that together becomes an everyday exclusive thing. Getting to create pieces where the apparent simplicity seems healthy and seductive. Pieces designed and woven one by one, designed for women who want to wear special jewelry with history and soul.

I could say that I experiment with different themes, from bohemian styles to geometric pieces.

Although I like to experience, what defines me the most is an elf style and perhaps bohemian, inspired by nature and the forest.

OuiClementine Boho Jewellery

What’s the inspiration for your designs?

I love nature and for me organic and natural elements are key pieces to inspire me. Actually, the OuiClementine best sellers are pieces that look like lianas, branches, leaves and trees.

How do you make your jewellery and where do you source your materials?

OuiClementine pieces are made using the macrame technique, an antique technique of knot combination, completely created with hands, without knitting tools.

I bet for a sustainable local business model, and I work as much as possible with close and trusted suppliers, most of them in Barcelona.

What’s a typical day in your studio?

There is a lot of work in the studio. From the design and creation of pieces to the part of marketing, social networks or corporate design. The management and organization is very important because I am the one who at the moment is in charge of everything, so I have to handle with many things by myself.

Usually, in the morning I do the most important jobs that require more concentration: design, marketing… and then I start with the creation of pieces or to prepare the commissions of the last days.

Because it’s a job that I love, it’s very hard for me to meet the schedules: I always do more hours than I had planned. I have a good time and that makes me happy!

OuiClementine Boho Jewellery

How can people buy your jewels?

They can buy online, at OuiClementine.

Although there are also some retailers in Spain and the United States, OuiClementine online store is where there is more variety to choose from and the option of customizing the pieces.

What’s your favourite quote?

There is beauty to be found in the changing of the earth’s seasons, and an inner grace in honouring the cycles of life. (Jack Kornfield)

OuiClementine Boho Jewellery

Thank you, Irene 🙂

You can shop Irene’s creations here: OuiClementine.


Guest post by Child of Gaia

You are living in a world filled with distraction; your daily work routine, social life, meeting with friends, watching movies or television, listening to music, supporting the family, cultivating relationships and more.

Although all of these aspects of life are valuable as part of your daily living and growth, it is important to stay aware of the overall balance. What percentage of your day is a distraction and what percentage of your day do you sit and reflect with pure silence, stillness and presence?

‘Where did it all go?’

It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily distractions and not allow yourself to have this precious time of balance and introspection to deeply connect with your Heart, Soul and Divinity.

To have these moments of stillness and introspection is to give yourself the opportunity to become present with life. If you were to live your life filled with distraction from A to Z, your life would just rapidly pass you by and then you will wonder ‘where did it all go?’

Experience your life through your heart and Soul

To stop, be still and be present is to consciously experience your life through your heart and Soul. It is about feeling the joy in your heart when you wake up one morning or when you are doing some you totally love, it is about feeling the gratitude in your heart when you receive love and support from family and friends and it is about feeling your truth in every single moment of the day and honouring yourself in every word, expression and action you take.

If you cannot honour yourself, then what is the reason for your existence? It is about being clear to yourself about who you are and what it is that you want in your life. It’s not about what you think you want, what others want for you, or what you believe is right or that you should be wanting. It’s about what you TRULY want, deep in your heart. It’s about connecting to your absolute truth and living and taking action from this place.

To live a Soul-fulfilled life means to live a life in COMPLETE alignment to you. It means to live a life in complete honour of what is 100% true for you. And to live a life in complete 100% alignment to your Soul takes courage.

Child of Gaia

Find the ‘True’ You

You have been brought up in a certain way, to think a certain way, to believe a certain away and to perceive the world in a certain way. And when you are brought up in this way, society shapes you and moulds you into a false identity that is influenced by the outside world. For example, how your teachers spoke to you, what the ‘cool’ trend was at the time, what your parents believed to be true, how you were taught to behave; all of these outside influences can serve to shape you away from your True Soul’s Identity.

To live in complete alignment to your Soul self means to break through this false identity of who you think you are and what you believe is right and true. It means to break through the fears and limitations within you that are holding you back. These are the locks that have been put into place from an early age to make you think and act a certain way, so that you can ‘fit in’ or be accepted into society and the ‘norm’. These are also the unresolved emotions and woundings within you, holding you back from embracing your full Soul’s potential such as fear of failure, rejection, abandonment or not feeling worthy enough or deserving enough to have a life filled with abundance, ease and harmony.

Perhaps you believe that you have to be ‘in struggle’ to create a successful life or for life to be rewarding. Perhaps you believe there isn’t enough in the world, and you aren’t enough and so you perceive the world through the lense of ‘lack’ rather that total abundance.

If these blocks, fears and limitations are not healed, resolved or holistically worked through they will continue to remain within your energetic patterning and will keep you trapped in your present way of thinking, living and manifesting.

It doesn’t happen overnight..

You may feel like sometimes you break through all this and you feel lighter but it doesn’t last long enough and then you are back in the ‘rat race’ once more. During these times, know that persistence is needed. To fully break through and live a Soul fulfilled life does not come overnight or by just receiving one treatment. It means to continually support yourself on an energetic level.

You can support yourself by purifying your energy and home through the use of sage, resins or high vibrational aura sprays, go out for walks in nature to purify your energy, take salt baths and have crystals around your home. These are the most basic and fundamental tools to support the purifying, balancing and revitalising of your energy.

Practise mindfulness – everyday!

These next step is to introduce more spiritual/mindfulness practice into your weekly routine such as sitting in stillness and silence for 5-10 minutes (or longer if you wish) to support you to clear your mind and centre you into your heart, listen to guided meditations or guiding yourself through a meditation, practicing yoga or any other holistic form of movement, writing in a journal regularly or doing emotional self-healing work.

Whilst introducing these forms of practice, it is also highly beneficial to also make time to receive energy healing sessions to support the clearing and transmuting of your energy and the awakening of your heart and Soul. When receiving energetic healing work through the support of a trained practitioner, it creates an accelerated healing process within your Mind, Heart, Soul supporting you to reach your Soul fulfilled goals and dreams much faster and aligns you to your truth and inner Soul essence more and more.

Energetic healing to clear limitations within you

Energetic healing work taps into the ‘etheric body’ with the ability to access unique energetic points of healing within your body to support the clearing of blocks, limitations and fears within you. It also connects you to Source energy so that you can heal and revitalise directly from the Universe.

There is a greater and higher intelligence that sustains our world that provides Divine energetic Light to sustain all life here on Earth. By tapping into this through advanced energetic healing methods and channelling this into your etheric being, it creates a direct link from Source Light into your entire being supporting healing on all levels of your body and consciousness. This form of healing supports you on a deep cellular level to clear old patterning, dis-ease and awaken your body to its higher intelligence so that it can raise your vibration and awaken your Soul self here on Earth.

The more that you can clear the wounds or what I call ‘layers’ within your system that are holding you back from connecting you to your Soul’s core and living the Soul-fulfilled life of your dreams, the more you will strengthen the connection to your Soul and Divine essence and that’s when the miracles start to happen in your life.

It’s about having complete faith and trust in your healing process and a true dedication to healing yourself on all levels so that you can be a fully empowered co-creator, manifest in alignment to your Soul and live the Soul-fulfilled life of your dreams!

Author bio:

Child of Gaia is a Soul Transformation Healer, Spiritual and Life Coach. Through her Soul transformation programmes she supports many Souls to heal their energy, activate their Soul’s purpose and awaken to their destiny.